My name is Archer Canton — or, at least, for the sake of this blog it is. I am a trans man documenting the struggles of self realization, getting myself somewhere in life, and general tomfoolery.

Aside from the whole “being trans” thing, this blog focuses on my life and trying to come to some sense of self worth after a lifetime of denial and misery. It’s not always going to be easy, and this blog might not offer the kind of thing that you’ll find entertaining to follow. It’s meant to be a personal documentation more than anything, an online archive of trials and tribulations and math problems I’ll never understand.

The trans element of this blog will never be the full focus. I am a man as much as anything else. While I fully respect the trans* community, and do my part for activism whenever I can, this publicly archived memoir is less about the “trans” and more about the “man”. At least, that’s how I hope to present it.


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